Available Work

Vita Kolar (vitameanxx), born in 1992 in Maribor, Slovenia, is a multidisciplinary artist working in static and dynamic forms of visual media. After completing her studies in economics, she ventured into the world of visuals, where she worked for several years as a designer of print materials and album covers, and later as a VJ, developing her artistic expression.

Her creative work is realized through an interdisciplinary approach to visual practices. She is active in the fields of visual art, graphic design, illustration, animation, installation, and video mapping. In her works, she explores the interactions between different media and formats, incorporating new ones and mixing them with classical approaches. Her works often involve the use of new technologies and contemporary techniques, in which she implements a unique style of sampling different materials and textures.

Through digital media, her work materializes as harmonious and balanced compositions of colorful aesthetics. In her work, she explores the use of light, applying shadows and reflections in a synthetic and modern way. Her inspiration often stems from the form of nature, as organic and real, while creating unusual yet attractive dimensions that provoke order and reflection, allowing her to distance herself from the ordinary.